E-commerce SaaS Providers

Every webshop in your market. Validated and enriched with tech stack & growth data.

We browse the web and automatically identify, validate and monitor the development of every webshop in the market, assisting you with data and insights to get more clients.

Find new clients

Get lead lists with new opportunities and put prospecting on auto-pilot.


Tech stack overview

We continuously gather data around which platforms are used, what softwares are purchased, and monitor trends.


Company & growth data

We connect company data with webshop data to give you an ownership overview as well as financial information.

Advantages of using our Market Intelligence platform across your company
Monitor what's important to you
Find and track new webshops that fits your company’s ideal customer profile and target profile.​ Access historical data and more.​
Stay ahead of the competition​
Set up intelligent notifications to monitor changes impacting your revenue and/or alert you to potential new leads.​​ Make sure you are always up to date.​
Precise webshop validation
Tembi continuously checks every webshop’s delivery checkout to ensure it is active and operating. All inactive webshops, or webshops under bankruptcy are automatically filtered out.

Explore webshop data based on categories, products, and growth, and uncover new business opportunities.​



average client growth during first six months



decrease in number of disqualified leads



avg. ROI in 1st year contract

+500 sales representatives across 80 companies across Europe use Tembi to increase sales efficiency
  • "With the help of Tembi, we achieved a 33% conversion rate for specific targets that we were previously not able to identify.​"

    Head of E-Commerce at International delivery provider​

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Enable deep validated market intelligence on e-commerce ​
Rapidly increase pipeline​
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