One platform for Market Analytics and Intelligence

Combining AI with datasets from various sectors, our analytical process identifies new market patterns and insights across industries, leading to a deeper understanding of individual businesses’ growth paths.

AI analytics
We employ various machine learning methodologies to create our market predictions, and use  +200 million parameters and +5billion data points in our training.


Expert knowledge
Our data collection and market predictions are done in a close collaboration with industry experts to ensure the right questions are asked and right data is collected.


Unique data
We have our own AI-based scrapers to gather unique and actualised data, allowing us to continuously update our data platform with new data.


Tailored insights
Our solutions are tailored to the specific needs of clearly defined verticals. We deliver decision-ready intelligence in form of data and insight.

How it works
Behind the Tembi Market Intelligence platform lies our Foresight Engine that consists of a number of algorithms, machine learning and econometric models that synthesises data into market and business predictions.

Via our platform companies can access all our data, or buy access to specific data and analytics packages with tailored market intelligence specific for their market.
Growth predictions
Looking into revenue data, sector and industry development we identify how the market develops and apply our growth models to individual business.
Relocation predictions
Knowing which company grow or not, we’ve gathered location and building data to predict which companies will relocate within the next year. Allowing for example Real Estate investor identify investment opportunities or Real Estate Agents to see who to target before a moving decision has been made.
Revenue predictions
Not all data is available publicly. To solve this challenge we apply our AI-models to predict future revenues and ensure a rich dataset.

API and Integration solutions

Tembi's API makes it possible to take most of our data into your own environment, and combine our external market data with your internal data.

Facilitating lead generation and sales work, Tembi is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Kibana and PowerBI.
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