We’re democratizing access to open data

We believe that the power of open data and AI should be accessible at affordable prices in a robust setup.


Tembi is a European company operating in a number of countries across the continent. Our vision is to increase access to open data and the power of artificial intelligence for end users.

Today many organizations use business intelligence to look at internal static data to understand what has happened.

However, few use external data to understand how to succeed. It is a no-brainer if you think about how little we use the data outside our organizationto guide our actions. 

There is a future, where companies will use external data to make and execute precise decisions through prescriptive intelligence.

Our platform is prescriptive intelligence at scale. The application reads analyzes, reports and transforms millions of external data sources into prescriptive intelligence providing better forwardlooking, precise and dynamic decisions about the market and the surrounding world.

Our model is designed for multiple use cases, but for now we focus our efforts on real estate and e-commerce.


A strong team is the core of a reliable business

We are proud to have a strong group of partners that have been building companies in SaaS, data and analytics for decades.
Henrik Lottrup
Founder of Language Wire and investor in a number of SaaS companies.
Jeppe Schytte-Hansen
CEO and Co-Founder of Omnidocs and Co-Founder of Templafy.