Get insights, market predictions, and take action with Tembi MI.

Increase your competitive edge by better understanding your market and competitors with Tembi Market Intelligence platform. Advanced analytics at scale.

Intuitive & easy-to-use


Pre-built dashboards and simple interfaces to explore our data, analyses and insights. Advanced analytics tool available for custom analysis together with Tembi API.

Unique data & predictions


We collect and connect data from multiple sources and industries to create tailored, decision-ready intelligence. Our predictive machine learning models foresee sector and company growth.

Accelerate decision-making


Reveal new market insight and opportunities, and get instant lead lists for your sales teams. Tembi effectively supports decision-makers at various organisational levels.

"The innovative combination of data empowers us with the ability to look ahead, which makes it easier to be profitable"
reduction on sales research and disqualified leads.
+5 million
data points collected each day to create tailored insights.
+4 billion
data points and +200 million parameters used to train our AI models.
We give you insights that will make you see your market in a new way.
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