Multiple solutions. One platform.

Our AI-powered analytics and data scrapers are built to solve complex business questions and market predictions. Regardless of industry.

Webshop data


Our AI-scrapers search and validate each webshop on the market and enriches our database with information around categories, products, delivery suppliers & methods. Our growth models predict which webshops are growing and which product categories are developing the fastest.

Real estate data


Combining building and location data with company data and growth models, we are able to predict which areas will develop and what future office needs will look like. As we understand how an area will develop, we can also predict which companies could be about to move.



Our platform, datasets and AI-models are fully scalable and are today used by last-mile providers, webshops, 3PLs, real estate investors and developers, and many more verticals. At the core we have one data foundation, one platform, and build tailored data and analytics packages.

Our promise:
Insights that will make you see your market in a new way.

By merging data from open data sources with information we gather from millions of websites, we enrich our data foundation with unique company intel. Unlike most web-based data sources that operate in isolation within their respective industries, we integrate information from various sectors to guarantee a more comprehensive and interconnected analysis.

Our methodology emphasises going beyond analysing historical trends, to compare the growth and development of businesses and industries. Each month, we amass data from millions of sites, building advanced data collection tools along the way. This allows us to monitor and accumulate targeted data. Our system then categorises and refines these datasets, augmenting our corporate knowledge before incorporating them into our predictive models to identify particular trends and correlations. Ultimately, this enables us to offer our clients valuable market foresight.

As a result, we're capable of providing predictive market intelligence across several industries using just one platform, as well as creating customised solutions catering to individual requirements or questions.
Market Intelligence for different teams
Different teams need different insights. With our pre-made dashboards and analytics, teams can find market and competitor insights that are relevant just for them.

Find companies based on for example location, growth and category, or based on clients or software they use. Each solution we provide, comes with a range of dashboards and analytics made for different teams and goals.
Sales & lead generation
Risk Assessment
Competitor monitoring
Business development
Account Management
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