Frequently asked questions

Do you have a plugin for Salesforce / Microsoft Dynamics / Hubspot?
Several of our customers integrate our data in their own through Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics or directly in dashboards developed by themselves.
How many user licenses do you provide?
Most of the deals we make include an indefinite number of licences. Your company can have as many as it takes to realise the value. We do limit a user fee to your business unit and the country you are based in.
Can we get access to the data through an API?
Sure. Customers can either subscribe to our platform, or access data via an API. We’ll get you in contact with our technicians, and they’ll have you up and running in no time.
Which countries will you expand to in the near future?
This depends on the solution, but we are always actively looking for new possibilities. Our ecommerce solution is currently operating in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and collecting data in Finland, The Netherlands and Belgium. Our real estate solution is active in Denmark and Sweden, and we plan to open in Norway and Finland soon. Contact sales to know more.