Real Estate

Know who will move before they've made the decision

We collect, gather and analyse data from every company and building in your market to predict which company will move within the next couple of months.

Find new tenants

Find companies that will soon move so you can move them to your property.


Identify portfolio risk

Get monthly updated data about your tenants churn risk so you can take proactive action.


Competitive edge

All the data and insights needed to better understand the market and gain foresight.

Understand how the Real Estate Market is moving
Moving Probability Score
Tempi's  Market Intelligence solution isn't just another database – it's a predictive tool that can forecast whether a company will move in the next 6 to 12 months, often before the company itself has identified the need to relocate.
Advanced analytics made simple
Our proprietary algorithms analyse vast amounts of data points, from economic trends to company growth patterns, to provide a prediction score on companies likely to move. This insight gives you a significant head start to prepare a proposal, reach out, build a relationship and maybe even secure a deal before others even know there's an opportunity.
Market intelligence
Access comprehensive company data, sqm/employee,  size, financial health, and industry segmentation. Our platofrm allows you to tailor your approach to each potential client's unique needs and preferences.



of all relocations are predicted.



avg. return of investment in 1-year contract.



reduction on sales research and disqualified leads.

"The innovative combination of data empowers us with the ability to look ahead which makes it easier to be profitable."
Elo Alsing, Market Manager, Skanska
  • Find leads based on selected areas
  • Explore company moving patterns
  • Simple and intuitive user experience

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Tembi's solution for Real Estate professionals is available in Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands.
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