We make sure you land with a running start

A thorough onboarding process and ongoing support ensures you will succeed with tembi. Our approach is heavily inspired by the latest behavioural psychology research.
We help you change the way you work
One of the barriers to using AI and a more data-driven approach is that it comes with a behavioural change. Rather than being intimidated by a new way of working, this presents an opportunity to better position your company to meet your strategic needs.

Our onboarding approach is heavily inspired by some of the latest behavioural psychology research from Stanford University, which shows that a change in behaviour depends on:
An initial prompt to trigger a new behavioural pattern

Onboarding program

We have developed an onboarding program that supports your ability and works closely with the routines, habits, and workflows already taking place in your company. We view onboarding not only as an administrative transition, but as a holistic alignment.

We do this through:
Premium onboarding training
Insights into your work-flows and desired key results 
Support to your end users
Management support and recurrent strategic advice on how to maximise impact from data and AI