Tembi builds software that generates market insights & predictions

In today’s rapidly evolving marketplace, every piece of intelligence can play an important role in gaining a competitive edge. Our products assist companies with dynamic and predictive intelligence tailored to specific markets - all available on one platform.

We gather data from sources like company and financial records, geographical info, job ads, land registries, and local & global websites.


All collected data is validated, cleaned, connected and enriched by different AI models to ensure high-quality.


We employ various machine learning methodologies, including natural language processing, visual recognition and prediction models.


Our machine learning models are trained on over +200 million parameters and +5 billion data points.

From open data to market foresight
Behind the Tembi Platform lies our Foresight Engine, that consists of a number of algorithms, machine learning & econometric models that synthesises open data into industry specific predictions.

Being able to scrape, analyse and cross-pollinate data from multiple data domains, our platform has an unique ability to discover insights that would be impossible to produce from siloed analyses.
Our Real Estate product predicts company growth and the probability of relocation based on current office space, assisting Real Estate Developers in making informed investment decisions and enabling Real Estate Agents to proactively manage their office space.
With EIP - E-commerce Intelligence Platform - Last-mile Delivery Providers can monitor their position at webshops delivery checkouts and gain deeper insights into volume fluctuations.
Our technology is today utilised in a number of industries, both through our products and our API.

Integration solutions

Our data can integrate with various systems such as:

- Microsoft Dynamics
- Salesforce
- Kibana
- PowerBI
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