AI-powered analytics to solve complex questions & predictions.

On top of the Tembi platform and our proprietary data foundation, we build products that target industry specific questions to assist in tactical and strategic business decisions. Read more below how we work with E-commerce and Real Estate companies to provide unique market intelligence.



Our E-commerce Intelligence Platform locates every webshop on the market, assisting businesses in better understanding their competitive landscape.

Real estate


Identify the market potential to make better investments and be able to assess the financial risk of an office building by predicting which companies could be about to move.

Other industries


If you work with strategy, business development, sales or competitor monitoring we have a solution for you.

Our approach: Market data that gives you a competitive edge

At Tembi, we believe that AI and data-driven approaches can help businesses of all sizes to achieve their goals. However, we also recognise that using these new technologies can be a challenge, which is why we take a user-centric approach to developing our products.
We start by working closely with our clients to understand their specific business goals and needs. Once we have a deep understanding of their business and market, we tailor our products to meet their unique requirements.

We also recognise that using AI and data-driven approaches requires a behavioural change. That's why we build our products to be intuitive, user-friendly, and immediately effective. We also provide extensive customer training and support to ensure that our clients are able to successfully adopt our solutions.

Finally, we build our data collection technology and machine learning models around goal-based predictions. This means that our solutions can be applied to multiple use cases across different industries. For example, our lead generation tool can be used by salespeople in e-commerce, real estate, and professional services. This is because the challenge of reaching a goal and data needed to achieve that, is often quite similar across different industries.

We believe that our user-centric approach is the key to helping our clients to achieve their business goals with AI and data-driven approaches, while ensuring Tembi provides the best possible market data that gives you a competitive edge.

For various teams & functions

We have a solution for you
Our clients often use our solution in many different teams. Get an up-to-date overview of your market potential to develop your business and take strategic decisions. And see which actions you should take to realise the potential. All based on open data and predictive models.
Account Management
Business development
Competitor monitoring
Risk Assessment
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