Tembi EIP

Tap into automated lead generation & market insights with E-commerce Intelligence Platform

EIP browses the web and automatically identifies, validates and monitors every webshop in the market, assisting you in uncovering new market knowledge and untapped opportunities.

For Sales Teams

Get lead lists with new opportunities and put prospecting on auto-pilot.


For Account Leads

Assign clients and set up automated alerts for  important events.


For Market Analysts

Understand market demands, how it develops and what competitors are doing.


For Business Development

Get a complete overview of your competition and category development.

Advantages of using EIP across your company
Checkout Intelligence
EIP continuously checks every webshop’s delivery checkout, and collects information about the position of each Delivery Service Provider, price and delivery method. All data is gathered, analysed and visualised inside the platform.
Prospecting & Lead management
Find precisely the webshop you are looking for, or a group of webshops at a specific size in a particular region on your market. Assign leads, write notes and work together with your team and EIP to grow sales.
Market intelligence
Get unparalleled market intelligence from five markets and over 100.000 webshops. Track webshops products, categories, revenue and profits., and identify growing webshops in the SMB segment on auto-pilot.

EIP Assist


Reach your goals faster with human-AI collaboration - from lead discovery to account management. Create tasks for EIP and focus on building stronger relationships.

EIP Discovery


EIP combines data and knowledge from multiple industries to deliver deeper market insights to assist you in your sales tactics. Define a sales campaign, and let EIP identify the right prospects.

Work together


Assign accounts, leads and share notes across the platform. Activate EIP to notify you when changes occur that affect your revenue.

+500 sales representatives across 80 companies in 5 countries use EIP to increase sales efficiency
  • Expect 85% fewer unqualified leads
  • Clients experience a 45% increase in sales efficiency
  • Simple and intuitive user experience

Get started with EIP

EIP is today available in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and the Netherlands.
Lower your lead generation costs
Get predictive market intelligence
Work with a highly rated Customer Success team
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